A Day in the Life: Volunteering at a UK Outdoor Centre

Lattitude’s UK Marketing & Recruitment Manager, Emma Tallent, spent a sunny, autumnal afternoon visiting old & new volunteers at one of our favourite Outdoor Placements; Longridge Activity Centre, on the banks of the river Thames...

Posted 30 Oct 2018

Volunteers at Longridge

Georgia’s NZ Gap Year Part 1- Orientation

Georgia Bone is a Lattitude Volunteer at St Matthew’s Collegiate in Masterton New Zealand. Here she is a schools assistant at a girls’ boarding school, mainly helping in boarding, classroom assisting and library duties. I...

Posted 29 Oct 2018

gap year new zealand boarding school volunteer overseas

Jordan’s New Zealand Experience

Jordan Oately was a volunteer in New Zealand 2017-2018 at St Kevin’s College, Oamaru, as a boarding hostel supervisor. I was located on the south island, in a place called Oamaru, at a coeducational day...

Posted 19 Oct 2018

Typical Foods in New Zealand

Trying the local cuisine is definitely one of the perks of traveling around the world. We can’t deny that our stomachs are often not as big a fan as our taste buds, but we’re all...

Posted 18 Oct 2018

Get into the great outdoors with Lattitude

  Canada is the second largest nation in the world and host to sky high mountains, ancient glaciers, and impressive coastlines. Outdoor education is an important part of North American culture, and is often integrated...

Posted 15 Oct 2018

CANADA - Jan 19 deadline

Chocolate Week Series- Instalment 4- Chocolate Facts

Continuing our chocolate week series, today we have some fun chocolate facts for you to sample…   *In Mayan times cacao beans were used as currency and was more valuable than gold dust *White chocolate...

Posted 11 Oct 2018

Chocolate Week Series: Instalment 3, Chocolate and Ecuador

Ecuador, one of Lattitude’s placement countries, produces some of the finest quality cacao in the world. Here we share a little bit of Ecuador’s chocolate story.   Guayaquil in Ecuador, also known as ciudad de...

Posted 10 Oct 2018

Chocolate Week Series: Instalment 2- Chocolate reaches Europe

Yesterday we shared the origins of chocolate and today we explore how chocolate was brought to Europe. Chocolate was not introduced to Europe until the sixteenth Century. Christopher Columbus did encounter Cacao on his journeys,...

Posted 09 Oct 2018