Youth & Community Worker

The needs of communities and individuals around the world are varied and diverse. As a Community Outreach Worker you will work within communities to provide assistance in meaningful ways, often to disadvantaged groups. This may involve working with children in orphanages, young people with special needs, or elderly people in community centres. Alternatively you might work with a youth organisation or undertake education and awareness programmes through partner organisations to highlight issues such as HIV and AIDS. The work can be challenging but is truly rewarding and will give you a unique insight into the life of your new community.


The community placements Lattitude volunteers work in within Argentina centre around homes for children who have either lost or been taken away from their families. The age ranges at these placements vary from very young children to young adults up to the age of 25 and who are still very vulnerable.

These placements offer volunteers the chance to get really stuck in with the running of these fantastic institutions.

Duties are very varied and give enthusiastic volunteers the chance to get really stuck in and bring their own interests to the children. Particularly in free time where volunteers will play and entertain the residents. Other duties will include helping with maintenance, school work and other small jobs.

Very little if any English is spoken in these placements so it is a great opportunity for those looking to practice and improve upon Spanish language skills (if you are concerned about speaking Spanish, please call or email us and we can advise you accordingly)

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Our placements in Ghana are embedded in local communities, designed to deliver sustainable outcomes that make a positive impact on members of the local community. Working in support of the UN’s Millennium Goals, our Community Development projects focus on local intervention programmes that support national priorities.  We support programmes for economic growth, which build resilience and support the long term benefit of overseas communities.

Lattitude volunteers work on programmes that support women’s empowerment, HIV and AIDS education programmes, engaging local youths in education and sustainable food production. Volunteers will work closely with local staff and can also be involved in the planning and management of the project, monitoring and reporting.  Some projects give the opportunity to work alongside in-country volunteers as well!

This role is a unique opportunity for enthusiastic and committed individuals to gain essential professional experience in community-level international development, while also developing transferable employability skills in leadership, communication, team work, confidence, cross cultural understanding and problem solving.

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Placements in Malawi are based around schools and as such teaching at the community’s school will be the first priority. However the job role at some schools can be very flexible and so there are also plenty of opportunities for volunteers to get involved with community projects within the local area.

Some of these projects include a Womans Development Centre, Health Centre and IT Centre where volunteers teach local people about computer literacy.

These placements will be organised in conjunction with your Country Manager and as part of the matching process Lattitude undertakes for every volunteer. If there is a particular area you are interested in then let us know!

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