Outdoor Camp Assistant Demi in Canada

I’ve always loved travelling and being in the outdoors, so volunteering as an outdoor activities instructor in Canada seemed like a great idea. Travelling to a new country, to a camp where you know no...

Posted 09 Jun 2020

Outdoor camp assistant in canada

Volunteering as a School Assistant in the UK

We love to hear from our Lattitude “gappers” abroad – applications are open now for School Assistant placements in the UK! Just emailing to say thank you to Lattitude for all your help with organising...

Posted 09 Jun 2020

UK school assistant

Volunteer Medical Assistant Sanaa in gorgeous Ghana

Sanaa was a volunteer medical assistant in gorgeous Ghana. Her placement gave her the opportunity to learn new skills and immerse herself successfully into a culture wonderfully different from home. Why Ghana? I chose Ghana...

Posted 09 Jun 2020

volunteer medical assistant ghana 002

Emma – Language Coach in Poland

Emma writes back to Lattitude about her time as a volunteer Langauge Coach in Poland. “I decided at the start of my last year of high school that I wanted to take a gap year...

Posted 09 Jun 2020

language coach in poland

Megan on her Language Coach placement in Poland

A huge thanks to Megan, who has written back to us with a brief insight into how her time volunteering in Poland has been so far! Poland is an AWESOME destination, so we are super...

Posted 09 Jun 2020


Lattitude Gap Year Australia – Orientation in Melbourne

Lattitude Gap Year Australia! Since our latest cohort just arrived in Melbourne, we’ll say: Wominjeka yearmann koondee biik Wurundjeri balluk – Welcome to the land of the Wurundjeri people. For our volunteers arriving on their...

Posted 09 Jun 2020


Teaching volunteer in Ghana – Finnbar shares his tale

Finnbar Gallacher travelled from Wellington, New Zealand to incredible Ghana with Lattitude, where he assisted students in the lovely Wanda Goodman Christian International School. He’s been kind enough to share his tale: What made you...

Posted 09 Jun 2020

teaching volunteer in ghana

Volunteering in Canada – Outdoor Camp Assistant Josh

Josh was a volunteer in Canada, as an Outdoor Camp Assistant in beautiful Alberta. He’s been kind enough to share some thoughts about his gap year experience. Thanks Josh! What made you want to volunteer...

Posted 09 Jun 2020

volunteering in canada - Lattitude

Documenting your travels

While volunteering and travelling there is no doubt that you will gain countless new experiences each day – surely you will want to capture the uniqueness of your journey. Documenting your travels is proven to...

Posted 09 Jun 2020