Christmas Foods Around the World

1. Fried Christmas Chicken (KFC) in Japan While the “traditional Christmas” is not huge in Japan, the Christmas season IS the most wonderful time of the year of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Around 3.6 million Japanese...

Posted 19 Dec 2018

Tips for Spending Christmas Abroad

Spending Christmas abroad can be an incredible experience. You can discover how a different culture celebrates (if they celebrate Christmas) and get involved with their traditions and customs. It isn’t always easy though, and homesickness...

Posted 18 Dec 2018

Travel Book Gift Ideas

Homage to Calatonia by George Orwell ‘Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic Socialism as I understand it. Thus wrote...

Posted 17 Dec 2018

Fiji School Assistant – Meredith’s Testimonial

‘I never wanted to leave’ – Meredith’s seven life-changing months in Fiji with Lattitude Global Volunteering. I was a volunteer with Lattitude Global Volunteering at a rural school in Fiji for seven months in 2015....

Posted 04 Dec 2018

Volunteer Overseas Fiji

Happy Hanukkah- The Jewish Festival of Lights

Yesterday, Sunday the 2nd of December, marked the beginning of Hanukkah. Jewish people across the world will be celebrating the rededication of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple, reclaimed by the Jews from the Syrian Greek Empire in...

Posted 03 Dec 2018

5 top tips for long haul flights!!

By Chloe Steele Never been on a long-haul flight before? Well if you’re stuck for how to prepare, here our are 5 top tips for when going on a long haul flight… 1. Don’t carry...

Posted 29 Nov 2018

Fundraise for your Travels

Helping out during the Christmas Season

Fitting just one of these activities into your busy Christmas schedule can have a large impact on so many people. Use the Festive spirit to spread some joy beyond your own circles. If you can’t...

Posted 28 Nov 2018

Boost your CV by volunteering overseas

Volunteering overseas doesn’t only have a positive impact on the community you are volunteering in… it’s also a fantastic way to boost your CV! We’ve come up with the four most important skills you can...

Posted 21 Nov 2018

Volunteer Overseas Japan

Australia School Camps – Olly’s Testimonial

Tales from a Volunteer in Australia Oliver Lloyd wrote a blog about his orientation in Australia a couple of months ago. Now he tells us about life in the school camps and his trip to...

Posted 16 Nov 2018

Volunteer Overseas in Australia

Georgia’s NZ Gap Year Part 5- Christmas holidays

Georgia Bone is a Lattitude Volunteer at St Matthew’s Collegiate in Masterton New Zealand. Here she is a schools assistant at a girls’ boarding school, mainly helping in boarding, classroom assisting and library duties. Christmas...

Posted 15 Nov 2018

gap year new zealand boarding school volunteer overseas