Fundraising & Bursaries

raise funds for your voluntary work on your gap year


Being a charity enables volunteers to fundraise for their placements. Many of our volunteers do and we will always recommend this. In many ways it is part of the journey and a chance for you to demonstrate your skills and commitment. Many volunteers raise all the money they need this way, some in just one day / event! Others use it to support the savings from work or financial support they receive from their family and friends. Don’t forget, if you wish to fundraise, open up a JustGiving account – it is then very easy for those helping you to give you an extra 20% through GiftAid (as long as they are a UK tax payer).

Bursary Scheme for UK Nationals

We are committed to making volunteering overseas as accessible as possible to young people. If you believe you are a great candidate to volunteer but think you will struggle to raise the funds necessary to join a placement through Lattitude Global Volunteering, we have access to bursary funds to reduce fees (up to 50% of the fee for certain placements!) in order to make our opportunities more inclusive!  (As a UK registered Charity, this is only available to UK Nationals.)

Please contact us on to request the bursary application form.