Volunteer stories

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english teaching assistant in argentina

Charlie volunteered as an English Teaching Assistant in Argentina

“Being on placement day to day is what it’s all about but when a weekend comes around and you know you’re going on a 12 hour overnight bus trip to meet your friends in such an awesome city as Buenos Aires, that most definitely helps to put the cherry on top of such an already sweet cake.”

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teaching placement in Australia

Mellani volunteered at an Aboriginal Boarding School in Australia 

“I got close to students and staff at Shalom, friends that I know I will have for a very long time to come. There were definitely some very challenging times but volunteering gave me so much in return. You encounter new challenges and problems that’s for sure, but you also have the same problems you had before but all those who you relied on for support when you were at home are no longer around you. I learnt how to deal with things myself and I’m a much stronger person than I was before.”

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Victoria volunteered in Canada


When I look back on my summer now that I’ve returned home, I see how much the experience has changed me. Inside, I’m still the same girl I was when I left, with the same values and the same dreams, but one very important thing has changed: Camp Rotary will always have a place in my heart, because of the people that I met there and the life-changing experiences that I shared with them. I now have a new understanding of the word ‘compassion’ and a better grasp of the things that really count in life.

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volunteer as an english teacher in china

Lewis volunteered as an English teacher in China 

“I cannot thank Lattitude Global Volunteering enough for enabling me to travel to this most incredible place. I made lifelong friends, had experiences I will never forget and began to really understand what life is about and what exactly I want to do with mine.”

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helping children in ecuador, south america

Ella volunteered with street children in Ecuador 

“I already miss the opportunity to speak Spanish all the time, and how easy it is to escape for a weekend away- only in Ecuador could you wake up to the howl of monkeys deep in the jungle, have lunch overlooking snow-capped mountains in the sierra and fall asleep on a hammock to the crashing of the waves. Admittedly such a journey would require many hours on a cramped, erratically-driven bus, but this is all part of the adventure.”

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community teaching project volunteer in fiji

Debbie Volunteered on a Community Teaching Project in Fiji

“I truly believe you get out of something what you put into it……and even though you go with the idea of helping someone else, I think you get as much from the experience as they do, if not more.”

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volunteer as an english teacher in africa

Jake volunteered as a teacher in Ghana

“I was slightly nervous and apprehensive because I have never been to Africa and I didn’t know what to expect; but from the moment we met our Lattitude Global Volunteering Country Manager at the airport to the end of the placement I had the most amazing and unforgettable time of my life. Ghana really is ‘Africa for beginners’.”

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medical placement in japan

Cassim volunteered as a medical assistant at a Red Cross Hospital in Japan

“At first it all seemed like a dream. Six months in Japan on a medical placement, a substantial bursary, accommodation and a decent monthly allowance? This was the offer I received from Lattitude Global Volunteering. I was writing a new page of my life and little did I know that this would have an impact I could never have imagined.”

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volunteer as a teacher in malawi

Laura volunteered as a Teacher in Malawi

“Now I am at university studying to be a teacher. If it wasn’t for going to Malawi on my gap year, this would not have been possible. I thank Lattitude for giving me this amazing opportunity. I have made the best friends and from all over the world! I felt safe in the knowledge that if I did ever need help, someone was always close enough. I felt brave enough to explore because Lattitude gave me that chance to make my own decisions.”

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New Zealand

volunteer as a teaching assistant in new zealand

Catie volunteered as a teaching assistant in New Zealand

“The best thing about being a volunteer was building really strong bonds with the students I was working with and living alongside. Seeing them progress throughout the year was wonderful and being there to help them when they needed it, give advice or just to teach them where the UK was on the map was really rewarding!”

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work placement as an english teacher in vietnam

Joe volunteered as an English Teacher in Vietnam

“The time I spent volunteering in Vietnam through Lattitude, was undoubtedly the best experience. From the people I met, to the rich culture I had the great privilege of encountering. This experience has given me some unexpected and very useful life lessons, which I feel has had a big part in shaping my character.”

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