Stay involved

Although your placement is over and life has returned to normal, we hope that your time with Lattitude Global Volunteering and your host community will stay with you forever. As such we hope you will want to stay with us into the foreseeable future, become one of our alumni and be involved with an organisation that aims to give others the experience that you have enjoyed. There are many ways that you can stay involved with us:

Become a member of our Alumni Association

This is a group run by previous Lattitude volunteers and they aim to achieve the following things:

  • Keeps alumni informed about Lattitude’s work, and engaged in their networks
  • Facilitates the provision of careers and other advice for alumni, current volunteers and future volunteers
  • Raises funds to support Lattitude’s mission of youth development
  • Coordinates and supports the work of other Lattitude alumni groups globally, to help ensure that their work is efficient and sustainable
  • Organise events for alumni members!

If you are interested in getting involved, please email us at

Become a Promotions Officer

If you would like to share your experience with others, why not become a Promotions Officer? Visit schools and universities giving presentations and attending careers fairs. It is a very flexible and the perfect opportunity for those of you at university.

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Dean UCAS Surrey

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Got a story?

We never like to miss an opportunity to tell the world about how fantastic our volunteers are, their amazing adventures and how their time away shaped their lives. If you have a story that you think is interesting, please let us know; whether you have just come back or whether you volunteered 40 years ago.

Please email us at

Fundraise for us!

As a charity, we rely heavily on funding and fundraising from external sources. It enables us to offer placements cheaply to our volunteers as well as help provide extra funding for our bursary scheme, a scheme that contributes towards some volunteers’ fee. Enabling some volunteers to have an opportunity that they otherwise may not have the chance to do. So if you believe others should be able to have the experience you did, why not help us with some fundraising? There are all sorts of fun ways to get involved – whether that be running the London Marathon or baking some cakes!


Work with us

Now you’ve volunteered with Lattitude, you could be one of the ideal candidates for our various job opportunities. We are often looking for interns to work in our Marketing and Operations teams. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your employability skills in our UK Headquarters for the first 6 months, followed by 6 months working with one of Country Managers overseas.

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