Fiji School Assistant – Meredith’s Testimonial

‘I never wanted to leave’ – Meredith’s seven life-changing months in Fiji with Lattitude Global Volunteering. I was a volunteer with Lattitude Global Volunteering at a rural school in Fiji for seven months in 2015....

Posted 04 Dec 2018

Volunteer Overseas Fiji

5 top tips for long haul flights!!

By Chloe Steele Never been on a long-haul flight before? Well if you’re stuck for how to prepare, here our are 5 top tips for when going on a long haul flight… 1. Don’t carry...

Posted 29 Nov 2018

Fundraise for your Travels

Volunteering in Spain – Madeleine in Avila

Hola, my name is Madeleine and I am currently volunteering in Spain with Lattitude. These last two months have been pretty action packed and very eye opening, and although my Spanish is still coming along...

Posted 13 Aug 2018

Gap Year in Spain - madeleine

New Zealand and back again: Emily’s volunteer journey

Why did you choose Lattitude? I came across Lattitude whilst doing a business assignment for college and I fell in love. They had endless options and previous experiences were all positive so I didn’t feel...

Posted 02 Feb 2017

volunteering placement in new zealand

A Day in the Life of a Malawi Volunteer

Domestic life in Malawi is different to home. I wake up early in the mornings and take a cold bucket shower which is surprisingly refreshing. Days in Malawi usually start between 5:30-6:30 and end at...

Posted 29 Nov 2016

a day in the life of a Malawi volunteer

10 things you’ll discover Volunteering in China

Martial Arts Chinese Kung Fu (Martial Arts) is a traditional Chinese sport which has developed over centuries. It stands as representative of Chinese culture so you can’t visit China without discovering the wonders of martial...

Posted 24 Nov 2016

10 things you'll discover working in China

Muriel Thompson – My Gap Year in Fiji

I was a volunteer Teaching Assistant in Fiji for 8 months in 2015. I was placed in – Nailuva District School – a rural primary school, surrounded by picturesque mountains, 2 hours away from its...

Posted 28 Oct 2016

enjoy a gap year in fiji with lattitude

10 things you’ll discover Volunteering in Argentina

1. Tango If Buenos Aires is the heart of Argentina, Tango is its soul. You can’t step out onto Buenos Aires streets at night without hearing the 5/8 beats emerging from cafes and milongas. Tango...

Posted 12 Oct 2016