Environmental Conservation


The need to take better care of our planet is an issue that unites people from around the globe. We have partnered with a variety of dedicated organisations already carrying out valuable work. Volunteers get hands-on experience working alongside locals, carrying out tasks that include building, cutting and maintaining trails, replanting and cataloguing species and educating people about the environment. These projects offer volunteers the chance to get closer to nature and develop their understanding of, and passion for, their environment.


We currently offer unique experiences working in Ecuador’s Andean cloud forest. These placements offer volunteers a varied role working with a community of 64 families that have formed an association to preserve their environment, promote ecotourism and produce local products. Broadly-speaking, as a volunteer you will have two roles.

As English language skills are key to the economic survival of the community, one of your main responsibilities will be to teach English to adults and children in the village school. The second side to your role will be conservation-focused. Volunteers help with orchid and bromeliad identification and preservation, sowing, reforestation, clearing pre-Inca trails, harvesting and anything else related to the maintenance of the community’s organic garden. These are excellent placements for independent and outdoorsy volunteers interested in learning to live in harmony with the environment.

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