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Volunteer Profile: Cycle 3 – Joy Sampson


Name: Joy Sampson

Age: 18

What were you doing before ICS: I am currently on my gap year between Alevels and university, so before ICS I was working at the Harry Potter studios teaching people how to ride broomsticks. Alongside this I helped in my local primary school with the reception class assisting to colour in princesses and build with Lego.

3 facts about you: I had the opportunity to fly a Tutor aircraft during aerobatics. I competed in National Athletic finals twice with schools. I finished the Tough Guy Assault course in Wolverhampton, one of the world’s most demanding survival ordeals which involved walking through fire, crawling in potholes and swamps- all after a cross country run.

Which ICS Groups are you in?: I’m in Sports and Monitoring and evaluation

Favourite Experience on ICS so far: My favourite experience of the project so far has got to be the night we spent performing at Candos where we all thrived off each other’s positive energy. It was lovely to support each other and witness the hard work paying off as we presented a meaningful message to the community. As well as this, driving through the safari at Kwantu was beautiful and eye opening to the see animals in their natural habitat- especially the elephants and giraffes.

What have you been doing this week?: This week the sports team hosted a soccer tournament at the local primary school where we had an array of activities for children such as facepainting, dance performances, music and a lot more. It was a successful day which ended with the ICS girls playing the local girls team! Aside from that, we performed at Candos Arts centre where some of us acted, others sang and I performed a poem addressing the issues surrounding alcohol and substance abuse. It was an exciting evening and the showcase of arts really brought to light how much talent the group holds.

Volunteer Profile: Cycle 3 – Pierrot Lee (TL)


Name: Pierrot Lee

Age: 23

What Were You Doing Before ICS?: As Team Leader before this current cycle (cycle 3) I was in South Africa for cycle 2. I’ve been in South Africa for 6 months now and well and truly feel like I’ve been a Township boy my whole life. But in reality I haven’t, before this I was completing my Master’s in International Development. Volunteering with ICS as a way to gain experience for a future career in International Development.

3 Facts About You: I volunteered with ICS before Team Leadering in Palestine, I keep trying to learn languages in the countries I go to (Arabic, Xhosa, Mandarin, Italian) but then I leave and forget them, I was shot in the ear when I was 13

Which ICS Groups Are You In?: As Team Leader I like to think Im in all the groups

Favourite Experience on ICS So Far?: Singing in Xhosa in front of a local audience and having countless people point, laugh and stare shocked at my ‘flawless’ pronunciation.

What Have You Been Doing This Week? This week has been busy and varied as ever. The amazing thing about working on this project is that every day is different and I constantly find myself doing different things. On Saturday I was at a local networking breakfast for an organisation that works locally in Walmer and other Townships with the youth. The next day all the team were volunteering at the Port Elizabeth Ironman Triathlon, collecting bikes and handing out medals. After that busy weekend on Monday I spend the day working with kids from Khaya

Volunteer Profile: Cycle 3 – Robert Mohale (TL)


Name: Robert Mohale

Age: 27

What Were You Doing Before ICS?: Before I applied for ICS, i was just sited at home waiting for my BAHonoursin Psychology results. Then I saw an advert on internet for volunteering post for latitude ICS. Then I applied and called for interview wherein I became successful.

3 Facts About You?: I love working with young people, empathetic and treat people with the same respect. I have honours degrees in Youth development and Psychology.

Which ICS Groups Are You In?: I am the team leader for Latittude ICS (Human Dignity Center).
Favorite Experience on ICS So Far?: My favorite experience in the placement is when the Latittude ICS (HDC)co-host the night with Candoz art center wherein all the group members have participated on various acts such as poetry, drama, and singing.

What Have You Been Doing This Week?: This week I have been having meetings with all the groups, checking all their plans and ensuring that they finalize everything that they have planned in these two weeks left.

Volunteer Profile: Cycle 3 – Malibongwe Boyi


Name: Malibongwe Boyi

Age: 21

What Were You Doing Before ICS?: I wasn’t doing anything I was still job hunting, but the main aim was to go back to school which is college and do studies on Nursing

3 Facts About You: I’m a nice guy who is always humble, I’m not a patient person and I’m very shy but I love people and I’m just an easy person to get and I’m easy to interact with, but I love having fun.

Which ICS Groups Are You In?: Sports group and Social Activities

Favourite Experience on ICS So Far: My favourite moment so far in the project was when we as the sport team hosted a mini 5-aside soccer tournament which was called Summer Imbizo, it was held on the 21st of March 2015 at John Masiza Primary School. I really enjoyed it because we did well and it was fun with the help of other volunteers though and I was the referee for the day, which I refereed almost all the games

What Have You Been Doing This Week?: Last week Monday I went to HDC to teach the kids in the Creative class and for the rest of the week I was in Jerusalem Ministries which is our office and on Sunday we as the volunteers we went to an event called IRON MAN which we went to volunteer and help out on the event everyone enjoyed it including myself Sunday was just a perfect and awesome.

Volunteer Profile: Cycle 3 – Mandilakhe Yaka


Name: Mandilakhe Yaka

Age: 24

What were you doing before ICS?:I was managing a group called Shizzo Manizzo in Grahamstown(Vukani Location), where we express ourselves through Art(Hip Hop, Poerty, Soul/Gospel and being Dj’s). As I am a Poet so I was performing almost every Saturday near the Town Hall and also having events so that the voices of the youth could heard.

3 facts about you: I like working with the youth to take them away from the wrong paths and let them use their God given talents, To toil is what I like most and get the job done.,I am a Poet and a DJ.

Which ICS Groups are you in?: I’m in the Culture and Video groups

Favourite Experience on ICS So Far: When we successfuly held the Candoz event.

What Have You Been Doing This Week?: This week we’ve been busy organising the event for the Pre-Candoz and also trying to book an apointment with the Department of Arts&Culture as the Culture group.

Volunteer Profile: Cycle 3 – Bukiwe Nako

Bukiwe .nako

Name: Bukiwe Nako

Age: 22

What Were You Doing Before ICS: Studying

3 Facts About You: I am hardworker work well with small groups,I commit in any work am given and i am very good listener.

Which ICS groups Are You In?: Sports and Social Media

Favourite Experience on ICS So Far: Having the dance off with Joy.

What Have You Been Doing This Week?: Monday i had a class in grade R at human dignity centre.
Tuesday,wensday and thursday went to teach in walmer high school about
sexual health.

Volunteer Profile: Cycle 3 – Mark Hendry


Name: Marky Hendry

Age: 21

What Were You Doing Before ICS?: Before ICS, I was working full-time after dropping out of college, needing time to think about what my next step would be.

3 Facts About You: I was born and raised in Scotland, I’m a writer and i’m an intense music lover

Which ICS Groups Are You In?: I’m in the Research team and also the Social Activities group

Favourite Experience on ICS So Far: My favourite memory on ICS so far would be the first night at Kwantu when we went out on the first game drive. Seeing the animals in their natural habitat was a life changing experience.

What Have You Been Doing This Week?: What I have been doing this week includes writing and rehearsing my poem for Candoz, actually performing at Candoz on Friday night, attending and working at the sports event and also teaching at Walmer High, finishing up on questionnaires and interviews.

Cycle 5 – Week 10 by Grant & Desmond

Cycle five’s last week in Cape Coast was finally upon us. The time seems to have flown by, as it only seems like yesterday we welcomed everyone to the in-country orientation at Suma Court Hotel, Accra. As you read this, the De-Brief weekend is over, and the volunteers are on their way home. Ten weeks of hard work, laughs, stress, smiles, some lows, but overshadowed by many highs, have come to an end.

Week ten has pretty much been a week of tidying a few things up, as well as making sure that everything is in place for the next cycle to pick up come May. On Monday, each member of the team was assigned an area of the project on which they had to compile the necessary facts and statistics for our end of cycle report. They then had to draft up each part of the report, before editing everything together. The whole team remained focused on the task, and we were able to successfully complete our impact report. Throughout the day, the volunteers also applied the finishing touches to their own personal case studies, explaining their own personal journey through the ICS programme. Monday afternoon saw the start of the teams’ last week of homework cub too, something I’m sure would have saddened many of the volunteers.


On Tuesday, the team made a few alterations to reports here and there, before heading back out into the community to speak with more businesses as part of our new Livelihoods venture, the Lattitude ICS Job Centre. The team have been very successful so far in sourcing vacancies and support from businesses around Cape Coast, even in our last week together. So much so, that on Tuesday afternoon, before Homework Club, the team were asked to visit a local seamstress who is a supporter of our project, and who gave her time to speak at our event, where we were over the moon to find that three of the attendees from our workshop the previous Thursday were already three days into a three year apprenticeship, having started the morning after. Twenty one year old Hawa Dramani told us “Thanks to Lattitude ICS for helping me. There is no amount of money in the world which could show my appreciation”. Single parent, Swaba Husseini, twenty years old, added “Thank you Lattitude ICS for your help and support, because people like me normally have no hope in the community, but with this project, we have hope! All that I can say is thank you, because without you, I wouldn’t be here today.” Instant results, and an extremely humbling experience for the volunteers!


Once again, Wednesday and Thursday were days for tidying up loose ends prior to the teams’ departure to Accra. The squad did however have time to lend their hand at the Football for Hope Centre for a clean-up exercise. The team worked alongside the Street League boys and Centre staff all morning, wiping, sweeping, scrubbing and weeding the facility and the surrounding area. Come Thursday evening, it was time for the teams’ last Homework Club. The volunteers ended their stay with fun classes, such as quizzes, spelling bees and hangman, and even brought treats for the kids in attendance. It was then time to say farewell to the kids who had called them ‘Sir’ and ‘Madam’ for the past ten weeks. The Centre held a small ceremony with all of the staff and children in attendance. Speeches were made by our very own Craig and Abanga, as well as by Play Soccer Ghana Country Director, Mr Wahab. There were also awards of thanks given to both Joe and Angelina for their hard work over the ten weeks, on behalf of the Football for Hope Centre. Our farewell was completed with more food, drinks, and the all-important Lattitude versus Football for Hope grudge match. In what was a very tight match, the Centre staff were able to somehow keep wave after wave of Lattitude attacks at bay late on, with the score at 3-2, only for them to grab a very late goal, after a heavy deflection, to take the trophy 4-2. A valiant effort from our boys, but defeat nonetheless.

As Friday was the team’s last full day in the beautiful town of Cape Coast, they were afforded a day off to finish packing, tidy their rooms, do some last minute shopping, and say their farewells in what has been an emotional week. After travelling to Accra Saturday morning, the group were afforded the rest of the day to relax. On Sunday, the De-Brief sessions took place, as both groups rounded off the ten weeks by presenting the work they had done, and what they have learned. A huge well done also goes to John Taff, for winning our volunteer of the cycle award, as well as picking up the counterpart pairing of the cycle award, with his counterpart and brother, Bright Gago. Both awards richly deserved. Monday once more was a day for the volunteers to take in the last few hours in Accra as they pleased, with a number of the group heading to the Accra Crafts Market and the Mall to pick up a few last minute souvenirs before the extremely emotional goodbyes of Monday evening.

We’d like to use this blog as a thank you, as well as to inform people about our work. Thank you and medaase to our magnificent team. We’ve had many unforgettable moments in our time together, and I’m sure that many strong friendships have been forged throughout the ten weeks, some which may even last a lifetime. From day one, our guys and girls gelled, both in terms of working together and socially. There were the odd moments of frustration, which were borne out of passion for the project, but from start to finish, we remained as a team and managed to work toward our goals. It has been a pleasure to share in your frustrations, your disappointments, and far more importantly, your successes. We both feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to watch each team member grow in knowledge, confidence and socially. Some are unrecognisable from the shy and timid young men and women who arrived. Once again, thank you, and good luck in all your endeavours.

Cycle six will arrive at the beginning of May and have a tough task to follow, but we are most certainly looking forward to meeting everyone and moving this project to the next level. We’ll be back with more updates come the beginning of May, in the meantime, spread the good word and stay engaged.


Volunteer Profile: Cycle 3 – Qiniso Phakathi


Name: Qiniso Phakathi

Age: 25

What Were You Doing Before ICS?: Looking for a job

3 Facts About You: . I have worked with my community for 2 years I was a youth Ambassador, I’m a poet and I have entered the writing competition, I love children

Which ICS Groups Are You In?: Arts and Culture group and the photography subgroup

Favourite Experience on ICS So Far?: My favorite moment in placement is being in class teaching Life Orientation, the kids are great

What Have You Been Doing This Week?:I taught at HDC grade 000 and have been teaching grade 9s at Walmer High

Volunteer Profile: Cycle 3 – Effy Hayle

Me for Blog

Name: Steph (Effy) Hayle

Age: 18

What Were You Doing Before ICS?: Just finished 6th form in Bath, and having a year off before attending York University in October to study Criminology.

3 Facts About You: I own 3 alpaca, I once worked at the World Cheese Awards and I’m 6ft 1, the tallest member of the HDC team!

Which ICS Groups Are You In?: The Research Team and the Social Media Team.

Favourite Experience on ICS So Far?: I loved the Research teams meeting with Sue from the Pregnancy Crisis Centre – she was such an inspirational and selfless person, giving us a full tour of the centre and telling us her story even when we only swung by to arrange an interview. It was a really eye opening meeting and she was so kind and welcoming- she made me want to be a better person. I also love the simple moments where all the volunteers get to relax after work, or during our breaks when we can chill and play cards. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a really great opportunity to bond with everyone, which is so important when you work so closely with each other.

What Have You Been Doing This Week?: This week I’ve been working with Grade 3s at HDC, teaching them English and working especially on Alphabetical order of words. I’ve also been teaching Drama at John Masiza Primary, working on productions about risky behaviours with the grade 7s for their end of term assessment, as well as conducting further interviews with the Research Team before we compile our research report. It’s been a long week, but really interesting and great fun, especially the drama classes!