Why Take a Gap Year?

Posted on the 25th June 2019

Thinking about taking a GAP year? A year out can be an amazing opportunity for you to develop and grow as an individual. Whether you’re looking at taking a year out pre or post University, the experiences you have can be valuable in so many ways. We have listed below the benefits of taking a gap year:


Take Some Time Out

After many years in education taking a gap year can be a well-earned break.  Taking a break allows you to reflect on your experiences so far and plan for the future. It can often seem overwhelming going from a structured school/university environment into a world of overwhelming opportunities. Taking the time to really think about what you want and to plan for the future will give you the confidence that you are making the right decision.


Greece Action Project


Enhance Your CV

There are endless opportunities for ways to spend a year out. Whether you use the time gaining work experience, travelling or volunteering, a well-planned gap year looks fantastic on your CV and can really make you stand out. Employees love to see individuals that are multifaceted, who not only get good grades but have experiences beyond school life. Students who have taken a gap year report that it added to their employability, so it is definitely a worthwhile venture.


Make Friends

Taking a year out gives you the amazing opportunity to meet all kinds of different people you may not have met otherwise. Whether you meet people whilst on your adventures or simply at home, there are potential lifelong friends that could be made if you take a gap year. The wonderful memories you create together could be talked about for decades to come.



Travel and Experience New Cultures

Another great benefit of volunteering abroad is that you can discover new countries and cultures.  Backpack around South East Asia, Volunteer in Latin America, soak up the sun in Greece there are so many awesome opportunities. Travel has endless benefits such as exploring new places, learning new languages and meeting people from different cultures.

Before entering the workplace or university where there are restrictions on holiday leave, a gap year is a fantastic way to spend an extensive amount of time overseas. There may be few opportunities in the future to travel abroad for months, so seizing the chance now is brilliant.



Gain Confidence and Independence

For many, taking a gap year may be the first time they’ve had the opportunity to be more independent.  Gap years are a great way to gain more confidence in yourself and your abilities before embarking on university or work. Travel and volunteering in particular really pushes you out of your comfort zone and can help a great deal in gaining confidence in talking to others and adapting to doing things on your own.

Gap years can also allow you to gain confidence in your future direction; gap year students have reported that they are more likely to be satisfied with their careers post university.


Appreciate What You Do Have and Give Something Back

Taking a year out helps you appreciate all the things you may have taken for granted while growing up and is a fantastic opportunity to do something worthwhile and give back. Volunteering whilst on a gap year is a great way to help those less fortunate than you. Not only will you be helping improve the lives of others, which gives you an enormous sense of wellbeing, but it also allows you to gain an appreciation of what you have. Volunteering can be a life changing experience both for you and those you help. Lattitude’s Volunteer Placements are a great way to spend some or all of your Gap Year.



The experiences you have during your year out could be life changing and make a huge difference to you and potentially others. Here at Lattitude we think gap years are a must for all young adults, the possibilities and benefits truly are endless!

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