Volunteering in the UK as a School Assistant – Felipe’s experience!

Posted on the 6th November 2017

Felipe Castro, an Ecuadorian volunteering in the UK, recently caught us up on his first two months living and working on a Lattitude placement! Carry on reading to find out how he’s found it so far!

“My name is Felipe Castro, I am an 18 year old Ecuadorian and I have been volunteering in the U.K since September 4th, 2017. My adventure started on the three day long orientation in London. I found it really nice because it gave me the opportunity to meet new people from different countries, get used to the rules and listen to some useful advice for fulfilling my duties in my new day to day life on placement”.


“I’m the Spanish Language Assistant at Sherborne School, a boarding school located in the little and lovely town of Sherborne in the South West of England. My duties consist of helping the students with their conversation classes, giving assistance in improving their pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. I think it is a really nice opportunity for them as well as it is for me, because we can learn many things from each other”.

Here at Lattitude HQ we are really pleased to hear that Felipe is sharing his knowledge but also learning from the students as well. The perfect opportunity for cross cultural exchange it seems!

Lattitude volunteers at the September 2017 orientation in London


“I should say the best part of my volunteering placement is everything. I really enjoy getting to know my pupils, the other gappers, and everyone that makes part of the Sherborne School Staff. I also love the way people have treated me, my placement feels like home and I have only been here two months”.

“I consider that I have really improved my problem-solving skills because I’ve had to deal with some difficult issues but I was able to solve everything. My duties have allowed me to be more open-minded in the way that now I am more tolerant than before in listening to different views and perspectives and also more able to enter into a spontaneous conversation”.

We agree that one of the best parts of a Lattitude placement is the opportunity to meet so many new people, gain a new skill set and have your placement become a part of who you are!  It is really heart-warming to hear that Felipe considers his placement a home!


“In my free time, I like to help in some other activities inside the School. For example, I am the referee on the internal indoor soccer tournament, which is an activity that I enjoy a lot because football is my favourite sport and being the referee is a new experience inside it. I also had the opportunity to travel to some cities in England such as Oxford, Liverpool, and Manchester and also went to Scotland for the half-term holidays. I really enjoyed the contrast between the ‘Old’ and the ‘New’ Edinburgh and its hair-raising stories. I hope to have more trips like these in the future”.

“I would really like to recommend Lattitude because it is the best opportunity to learn, teach, meet new people and the most important of all, to know yourself better. This is because of the once in a lifetime experience it gives you to spread your essence in a totally different environment”.

WOW! It sounds as if Felipe is really making the most of his time in the UK already by travelling around the country and really getting stuck into his placement in more ways than teaching. We are ever so slightly envious… but you don’t have to be! Apply to a Lattitude placement today to kick start your next adventure in life!


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