Tips for Spending Christmas Abroad

Posted on the 18th December 2018

Spending Christmas abroad can be an incredible experience. You can discover how a different culture celebrates (if they celebrate Christmas) and get involved with their traditions and customs.

It isn’t always easy though, and homesickness creeps in. Maybe you’re missing your dad’s turkey or granny’s stuffing? Or perhaps the hot weather is making you miss the sub-zero temperatures at home? You might even be missing the family rows over a game of Cluedo. You realise that you miss things you didn’t even notice at home, like the church bells ringing on Christmas day or the all-familiar smell of pine.

Here are some tips with how to make the most of a Christmas abroad:

1.Get stuck in with the local culture- Don’t sit inside and mope. Don’t think about what you’d be doing if you were at home, go out and embrace the local traditions. Try the local food! It could be really fun!

2.Make some local friends. Your local friends will take you to celebrations and show you the best places in town. If they’re really friendly they may invite you to their Christmas celebrations, which would be a really unique experience and a privilege.

3.Call your family- but not too often. It’s good to check in and give your family a call- everyone will want to see you and hear how you’re getting on. Don’t spend hours messaging home or trawling through social media- it will only make you more homesick.

4.Take lots of pictures. You can share your pictures with friends and family so they can understand your experience. Also, you may inspire someone to go abroad!

5.Get yourself a present- it’s a good time to treat yourself, so maybe get yourself something to remember this special time with.

6.If you’re in a country that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, use it as a time to visit sites, and explore their own culture. Find out what festivals they celebrate and what traditions they have. You could even invite friends to celebrate Christmas with you.


If you have some tips for spending Christmas abroad send them in!

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