My time as a Work Experience student at Lattitude, Reading

Posted on the 11th April 2017

“I completed a two-week work experience placement at Lattitude Global Volunteering to help me alongside my Travel and Tourism course at Henley College. I only have a few months left at college before I have to start making decisions about the type of job I would like to do for the rest of my working life. Taking part in work experience at Lattitude has definitely given me a kick-start to begin thinking a lot more about what I want to do as my future career.

I spent the majority of my work experience completing a variety of small tasks to support the Lattitude UK office team. This included completing a spreadsheet with volunteers’ emergency contact details, entering information for two people that Lattitude are able to reach in case of an emergency (usually the volunteer’s mother and father). I also helped with Lattitude’s different social media channels; I screen captured some of the posts that I thought would stand out to young people like myself and highlighted aspects of the post which stood out, such as any key words or the image used. I then created my own post which was uploaded onto the Lattitude Facebook page. In addition, I created a few sample cover photos to be used on social media; I selected a photo which I thought best represented Lattitude and then added suitable text in order to try and attract potential volunteers to Lattitude programmes. Another key task I helped with involved labelling maps on the wall in the Lattitude office with arrows pointing to photos of each volunteer, along with their name and details of the placement they are currently working at.

My work experience at Lattitude has really helped my career development. Not only has my time at Lattitude given me an insight into what work life is like here, but it has also has given me some more ideas about what I may want to do as a future career. My experience at Lattitude has helped me to feel more confident about going from college into an actual working environment, meeting new people and finding out exactly what the company is about and what they do – something which will definitely help me when starting a new job in the near future. I feel that I have gained new skills (as well strengthened my existing ones) and now have a lot of experience that I can take away with me as a result of my time spent here. In particular, I feel that I have gained new ICT skills from the number of tasks I took part in that involved dealing with files, spreadsheets and editing images. I also feel that I have strengthened my communication skills from talking to staff in the Lattitude office. Everyone was so friendly and approachable – they were always open for me to ask them any questions I may have, whether it was about their job role or the company in general, they were always there to help me throughout the two weeks.

If you are looking at doing work experience, Lattitude is definitely the place to go to. I particularly recommend going to Lattitude if you are currently studying Travel and Tourism or Geography, or if you are just generally interested in travel it is a great place to get some experience. There are so many perks of having your work experience here – you get to:

  • work with friendly people
  • learn more about the company and the tasks and daily roles that staff are involved with
  • help out
  • gain an overall experience of what it is like to work for an international youth development charity
  • experience what work life in an office is like.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks at Lattitude – developing my skills, meeting new people and gaining an insight into what work life is like”.


By Amy Joseph – Work Experience Student April 2017

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