Teaching Placements in Cuenca, Ecuador

Posted on the 21st March 2019

Cuenca is a beautiful town in the highlands of Ecuador.

Its stunning town centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Our Lattitude ‘gappers’ get involved in all sorts of activities here, with a real focus on working with kids in schools and after-school programmes.

Below are a couple of examples of the type of work Lattitude volunteers can expect to get involved with in Cuenca:

Unidad Educativa Remigio Romero y Cordero is a school that teaches primary school students in the morning and secondary in the afternoon. The school aims to build students’ self-esteem, creativity, and to encourage them to be motivated, self-reflective, with open minds and able to practise good values.  The school believes in promoting the relationship between humankind and nature, and using academics, sports, socialising and culture to improve their students’ quality of life.

english tutor ecuador

Our volunteers at this school primarily focus on helping in English classes. They have managed to form important bonds with the students they are assisting, who are always excited at the prospect of having a foreign teacher. Cuenca is trying to become a bilingual city, as it has many tourists and ex-pats living there once retired. Therefore, the local government is implementing English language teaching in schools. Our volunteers help teach, introduce their culture, teaching reading and writing and also help with marking classwork and homework.

Centro Aurora is an afternoon placement, which is a ‘control de tareas’ or homework club, for children from low income families who cannot look after them during the afternoon and evenings, and can’t help them with their school work. This centre enables parents to work, and for the children to get help with their education. The children also get served dinner while there. Our volunteers help with homework, entertaining the children, with meal times and pastoral care.

Like our other placements in Ecuador, these educational centres are in need of volunteers to support the development of their students and to provide much-needed help and assistance.


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