How to save money for travelling

Posted on the 3rd May 2018

By Chloe Steele

Try fundraising!

A good way to raise money for your volunteering trip is to fundraise which makes it that little bit more worthwhile! You can contact Lattitude for one of our fundraising T-shirts, try creating a ‘GoFundMe’ page,  challenge yourself to a sponsored runs, hold a bake sale or bag packing! Also working as many hours as you can is a great way of saving money. Most of the time, family and friends are always happy to sponsor and donate as long as you tell them what you are saving for!

Some of our previous volunteers doing a sponsored bike ride

Start a dedicated travel fund

Create a separate savings account dedicated to your travel fund that you know you won’t be able to spend and start early so you can save as much money as possible. You can contribute money to it daily, weekly or monthly, and also time that you go online to check your balance you can transfer over whatever you like!  At the end of the day any money saved all adds up…


Track the amount you’re spending

Since you’re really keen to start saving for travel it’s time to track the amount your spending and cut back where possible! Instead of spending money on lunch or eating out, or other luxuries you think that you need- think before you buy as this could be additional money for your travel fund. Track the amount you are spending and possibly work out a maximum budget each week that you allow yourself to spend to reduce unnecessary spending.


Selling old belongings!

Do you have any old clothes that you just won’t wear or old junk you won’t be travelling with? Then get rid! Selling your old belongings on online websites will help or even taking them to car boots can help you to earn a little bit more money for your savings. There is not much worth keeping stuff that you are not going to use so this is another way to help save money for travelling.

More fundraising from one of our volunteers in 2012 going on a volunteering trip to Fiji


This is just some of the advice we have to give on how to save money for travelling! If you follow our tips then you should be successful if you start saving at the right time! We wish you the best success in your fundraising!

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