Lattitude Work Experience Placement

Posted on the 12th December 2016

By Sherie Chaudhary

My two weeks work experience at Lattitude has been a really good insight to a real job. I want to further my education in the tourism sector and this placement was perfect for me as Lattitude Global Volunteering is an international youth development charity and relates a lot to the tourism sector due to its abroad volunteering placements.
I have never really had experience working in an office type job as I am attending college right now and also working part time in retail so I was really excited to start as I wanted to gain a bit of hands on experience.
My first day of work experience was pretty much gathering different types of social media posts on Lattitude and other similar organisations and finding out what was good about the post and what was bad. I was also researching more about Lattitude to get some understanding of the organisation, what it does and what are its aims etc. My mentor was Becky and she was really helpful and friendly. The next day I started to write a blog for the Lattitude website called “10 Things You’ll Discover Volunteering in China”. I found this very fun and challenging. I really like writing and expressing my thoughts so I loved doing this. I have produced another two blogs since and it has got me thinking of starting up my own blog!
During the first week I was to sit in on an interview of a girl wanting to volunteer in Canada and Becky thought it would be a really good opportunity for me to see what it was like on the other side assessing. Sitting in on an interview and filling out a form assessing the candidate expanded my skills in a variety of ways as I now know what future employers will look for and how to carry myself in future interviews. The next week I sat in another interview for a girl also wanting to go to Canada and it was pretty interesting as I could then compare the two candidates and pick out their strengths and weaknesses.
Today is my last day at Lattitude and it has been a really good day. Today was the pre-departure briefing event for volunteers going to Australia in January 2017. The last two days I had helped Becky preparing for the briefing by getting their “packs” ready which has all the information they need to prepare themselves for going to Australia. I had also helped with getting the food organised for the day. I liked meeting all the volunteers and parents and sitting in and observing as I thought it was a really good experience.
Overall, I am quite sad to leave Lattitude as I made myself quite comfortable and I liked getting to know everyone as they were so lovely and helpful. I have gained more knowledge of the charity sector, global issues, overseas work placements and tourism in general. Lattitude has got me thinking about working for a charity like them in the future, maybe after university. This work placement has also boosted my confidence and has made my communication skills a lot better. I’m very thankful for everything Lattitude has done and am confident that they have equipped me with essential skills which will be very useful to me.

lattitude provide local work experience as well as international gap year experiences

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