Join in on Organic September!

Posted on the 3rd September 2018

26 Ways to Live Organic

What comes to mind for many when picking between the organic and non-organic apples sat in front of us at the supermarket, is the very apparent different in price. We rarely stop to think, however, that our “regular” less-expensive products may carry a significant environmental and social price tag.As well as a lengthy list of health benefits which we can all enjoy from “converting” to a more organic living, we are able to slowly but surely help preserve our ecosystems, reduce pollution and protect water and soil. Preserving agricultural diversity by supporting farming directly, we are hopefully on the right path to building a safer future for ourselves and future generations.

Environmental and social costs are often ignored when we prioritise getting products to our stores quickly, as and when we want them. These things all add up!

It might require some creativity and life-style changes, but these small adjustments have the potential to leave both you and the planet healthier and happier.

Here are a few quick and easy changes that you can adopt ASAP, and without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to make one change or all, give them a read to get some easy ideas!

1. Use cloth napkins, you can save hundreds of pounds a year if you stop using paper napkins and towels.

2. Use both sides of the paper.

3. Bottle your own water.Use a water filter and stainless steel or glass bottles to save some money.

4. Opt for a shower, not a bath.

5. Turn off the lights: a classic, yet very effective!

6. Plant a tree!Trees use carbon dioxide and create oxygen. Better yet, go wild and plant a few.

7. Shop locally.Save money in shipping costs, get fresher produce, and support local farmers!

8. Keep thermostats moderate.No one needs to walk from the North Pole into the Sahara Desert! To take it a little bit further, use fans instead of air conditioning.

9. Use your own cup and save up to 50p per coffee. You can even get funky with your style of choice!

10. Unplug appliances when not in use, this really ads up over time.

11. Don’t preheat your oven. Most ovens bake food just fine without preheating, which wastes energy.

12. Recycle your mobile phone.Approximately 130 million cell phones are replaced every year. Your old brick can go to great use when donated to charities!

13. Use matches, not lighters.

14. Stop using plastic bags. Be prepared and bring your own to the shops.

15. Use paper based cotton swabs.

16. Go paperless with paycheck stubs, bank and insurance statements.

17. Ride your bike, no need for a gym when you can save money and get fit whilst being environmentally friendly too!

18. Keep your freezer and refrigerator full.They will run better and stay cold longer.

19. Take the bus.If transport is available, use it!

20. Recycle what you can.

21. Compost what you can’t recycle.

22. Charge your phone through the sun!You can get small solar chargers to charge your phone, tablet or even your refrigerator.

23. Shop at thrift stores.Consider this another form of recycling and make it a personal challenge to get some good finds!

24. Reduce the amount of water wasted every time you flush your toilet. Put bricks in the tank, or a filled bottle, to take up the space otherwise used by unnecessary water.

25. Consider going meatless one day a week.It will force you to eat more of that produce you’re growing/buying! If you’re feeling inspired, go for only one meat-meal a day.

26. Connect with friends.You’ll be surprised to learn what your friends do to help out, or even give them a tip or two of your own!

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