Your International Travel Checklist

Posted on the 9th May 2018

Written by Chloe Steele

Flying and travelling alone can be nerve wrecking so we have compiled the  ultimate travel checklist so you can be prepared…

1) Research

Make sure you’ve researched the country that you will be visiting thoroughly. You want to know about the cultural differences, basic language terms, how to keep safe, best tourist hot spots and so on…


2) Passport

One of the most important tasks that needs to be checked off is a valid passport! You don’t want to get to the airport and realise you’ve left your passport at home (nightmare!). Also make sure that you have the required visas and documents for your destination beforehand.


3) Travel Medical Insurance

Purchasing travel medical insurance isn’t a necessity but it’s better to stay on the safe side. Travel medical insurance is inexpensive and it’s good for emergencies. It will also give you a peace of mind.

4) Pack Lightly and Sensibly

We all know you want to take your whole wardrobe with you but it’s best not to (imagine carrying all that!). If you’re going to a sunny and hot country it’s best to pack light clothes that will keep you cool. If you’re going to a cold country pack clothes that are warmer and thicker. Also, when packing make sure you roll up your clothes to give you extra room.


5) Items to Leave At Home

It’s best not to bring some items with you such as unneeded credit cards, expensive items (things like jewellery and watches), sharp items and membership cards. Basically anything that can pose a risk and is useless. Also, always leave your itinerary with a friend or family member for safety reasons.


6) Items to Take with You

For extra precaution it’s best to take some items with you such as prescription medicines in clearly labelled containers, small first aid kit, card listing allergies and medical conditions, small foreign language dictionary and personal appliances that you cannot live without.


7) What to Pack in your Carry On

For a comfortable and relaxing plane journey you should take important items with you in your carry on. Items such as a portable charger, medications, toothbrush/toothpaste, wipes should be taken. Bring a small satisfying snack with you. Keep any important documents and valuables with you at all times.


Do you want to travel but have no idea where to go? Why not check out our list of amazing destinations that you could be travelling to and making a checklist for!


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