Helping out during the Christmas Season

Posted on the 28th November 2018

Fitting just one of these activities into your busy Christmas schedule can have a large impact on so many people. Use the Festive spirit to spread some joy beyond your own circles. If you can’t tick off the whole list this season, pass it on to a friend or family member, any help is always welcome. 

Give your time 

  • Homeless shelters- there are a number of charities and organisations set up to help the homeless throughout the year, however the Christmas period tends to be a time with many volunteering opportunities; with most people’s spare time over the holiday, Christmas is a fantastic chance to help provide a shelter, health checks and hygiene to those who need it. A few ideas are Crisis at Christmas and Centrepoint Homeless Charity.  
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen- soup kitchens are a great way of getting a hot meal to the homeless or deprived. It brings a safe environment, support and living essentials alongside some good company and friendship. You can find a soup kitchen in most big cities around the UK and your help is always welcomed!  

  • Old peoples’ homes- Contact the Elderly, Campaign to End Loneliness and Age UK, are all great to work with. What may be a couple hours of your day can bring so much joy and much appreciated company to those missing their family and friends during the Christmas Season. Similarly, all care homes are thankful for a helping hand.  
  • Give to the community- for those with an artistic vein, redecorating community centres may be more down your street. Spread the festive decorations and build a magical environment for everyone in the area! 


Donate Christmas Gifts 

  • Donate Christmas Toys, Christmas Treats, socks and warm clothes to food banks and collection buckets. If you’re tight for time there are countless ways of helping out. While a pair of socks may be one of the staple Christmas presents for some of us, they can go a long way when needed during the cold winter! You can donate directly through your local food bank, at collections points in most supermarkets, schools, churches and businesses.  

  • Here is a list of popular ideas which keep well and can last for longer: cereal, soup, pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes and pasta sauce, lentils, beans, pulses, tinned meat and vegetables, tea and coffee, tinned fruit, biscuits, milk and fruit juice. Toiletries and hygiene products are a great idea too.   

Fundraise for a Charity 

  • Donating money can go a long way too. Many companies give a straight donation or percentage of sales or profits to charity. Waitrose is a great example of this, even employing their green token scheme which allows their customers to vote for a charity where the money will be donated. You can donate to Just giving, where you can select your charity of choice. However, if you would like to take fundraising into your own hands, some great ways of fundraising are to take part in sporting events, bake sales or even throwing a fundraising dinner party! It sounds like a win-win to us!

Image result for christmas bake sale

  • For a few more fundraising ideas head over to our Lattitude website for some tips: 


Give a little back 

  •  Help good people- show your appreciation for those who do good for the community and often go unappreciated. People who do good work within the community may often be forgotten, so it’s nice at Christmas for communities to show that they appreciate their work. Spire Homes and Keepmoat give money, Christmas trees and gifts to invaluable people within the community.

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