Georgia’s NZ Gap Year Part 5- Christmas holidays

Posted on the 15th November 2018

Georgia Bone is a Lattitude Volunteer at St Matthew’s Collegiate in Masterton New Zealand. Here she is a schools assistant at a girls’ boarding school, mainly helping in boarding, classroom assisting and library duties.

Christmas holidays are from 30th November until 28th January!

Tip: get booked with your hostels and events! This is the busiest time of year here in New Zealand for tourism, not only of people on holidays but Kiwi’s travelling themselves. It’s easy to forget and leave things till last minute but you might not to get to do what you want or even see the places you want to see.



I am lucky enough to have my cousin here for 4 weeks. He arrives on the 15th December and leaves on the 13th January. Our trip is not fully planned yet however as we have 4 weeks together we intend to spend a week on the South Island (go to Christchurch and Queenstown) as neither of us are massive mountain climbers and would rather spend time on the beaches on the north island, the plan is to return to Taupo, Rotorua, Coromandel, Aukland and explore the bay of islands.

As my cousin departs my best friend arrives, she is here from the 13th January till the 25th January. In this time we intend to travel the north island, and see as many beaches and hot pools as we can!






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