Christmas Food Around the World II

Posted on the 20th December 2018

1.Turrón (Spain)

Turrón is a very old, traditional sweet of Moorish (Arabic) origin. It has been a popular sweet for centuries. There are two traditional, basic types of turrón: soft Jijona – with a smooth consistence-, and hard Alicante- a thick almond nougat candy-. Turrón is made with honey, and the wildflowers that bloom in the mountainsides all around the town of Jijona are food for the bees that produce it.

2.Finhoses, Formigos and Bolo Rei (Portugal)

Pastries and sweets are the star of the show in Portugal! Finhoses are strands or balls of light, spiced dough, dusted with icing sugar, while formigos is a sweet, sticky blend of nuts, honey and raisins. However, Bolo Rei is the king-cake. Nuts and crystallised fruit gaud the surface of the white, fluffy treat, named in commemoration of the Magi. Variants include the beautifully-named Bolo-Rei escangalhado, or broken-king-cake, which drips with cinnamon and chilacayote jam.

3.Gingerbread House (Germany)

Pfefferkuchenhaus, a gingerbread house resplendent with candies, sweets and icing sugar snow.For those without a serious sweet tooth, Grünkohl (kale) might appeal more: every grandmother in the country, it is said, has her own recipe for spiced kale stew.

4.Whale and Auks (Greenland)

Throughout the course of a Christmas meal it is the men who serve the women in Greenland. That said, the eating itself is not always an easy task. Mattak is strips of whale blubber encased in whale skin, making it easy to swallow yourself. And while the men may dish it up, it is presumably the women who have to do the bulk of the work when preparing kiviak. Baby auks are buried in a seal-skin several months before Christmas, then dug up once they’ve started to rot and served as a delicacy.

5.Chiles en nogada (Mexico)

This festive dish is comprised of meat-stuffed, fire-roasted poblano peppers covered in a creamy walnut sauce and a pomegranate seed garnish.

6.Zakuski (Russia)

These fishy appetizers feature many sour and salty flavours, making them excellent with shots of vodka.

7.Chicken Bones Candy (Canada)

A Canadian Christmas favourite, these sweets are beloved by children and adults alike as they are basically cinnamon lolly-pops filled with creamy milk chocolate.

8.Imbuljuta tal-Qastan (Malta)

In Malta, families enjoy this heavenly cocoa-chestnut soup. It may not sound like the most conventional combination, but give it a try before you judge! This drink is served after midnight mass on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It is the perfect recipe for those special nights where you want to drink something hot, spiced and deliciously seasonal next to the fire.

9.Mince pies (England)

These delicate little pies are filled with a fruit-and-beef-suet concoction and are a signal that the holidays are fast approaching. The sweet treats were originally filled with meat, such as lamb.

10.Pavo Trufado de Navidad (Spain)

Turkey stuffed with truffles! As simple as it sounds, yes please!!

11.Beigli (Hungary)

Hungarian poppy seed cake is sold everywhere during the Christmas season, but is so much better when you can make it at home. Get baking on a cosy night in by the lit up fireplace! It can’t get much more festive than that!

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